The Goodness that Surrounds Us

The three most prominent takeaways I… took away from this midterm can be organized into the three largest portions of this midterm.

First: Preparation and Research

The first takeaway was an overwhelming feeling of awe at the complexities of the problem of homelessness. This feeling was only exacerbated during each presentation. In response to this feeling, I recognized the need for abandoning naivety and accepting reality. Consequently, the exposure to the complexities of these issues led to an increased desire to maturely and rigorously analyze the problems I approach throughout my life.

Second: Collaboration

As I collaborated with my peers, I felt a sense of empowerment. As we understood the complexities and organized it into a comprehensible system, I felt more capable of addressing the issue because I further understood the issue. Through this, I learned that effective collaboration must precede effective solutions. I see it as vital to consistently and humbly discuss issues with those who surround us. The principle is simple: the more angles whereby we understand, the more fully can understand.

Third: Presentation

As stated earlier, I was aptly moved by the immensity of these concerns. However, I must also mention that I was equally moved by the nature of the presenters. With each presentation, three concerned human beings, armed with understanding and a heart to feel, stood, facing their peers, with the intent to increase empathy and progress understanding. In the light of their goodness, the issues merely became a backdrop—a foundation upon which the solutions stood. The takeaway? So much goodness surrounds us. In order to make any progressive impact, we must hold on to, harness, and appropriately channel this goodness. I feel privileged to be associating daily with giants.

I hope you understand that no midterm I have ever taken has been so enlightening and inspiring.