Oh, I want to do it again!

I would have to say, everything I want to do for the education system can, on a small scale, be succinctly felt in what we accomplished in this midterm: real education for applicable change.

I am actually quite saddened at the fact that this midterm is over, and if I had to put it into 3 reasons, it would be because of (1) the network I had begun, (2) the personal education I had gained, and (3) the zeal of bonding to a cause!

I had had the opportunity to interview both BYU recycling’s program manager as well as the representative for Provo Public Works: Recycling department. As I explained to them the purpose of the phone call, they were adamant to help. I, having no real passion for recycling nor knowledge of Provo city, was invigorated by how much they cared about their job, and that someone wanted to learn about it in order to help. I never knew these people before. But now we know each other by voice and a first name basis, and we can communicate clearly about a topic which matters to us. I’ve made some good friends I might never otherwise have made, and I learned just how wonderful it feels to join networks outside of your own. Will I ever cross paths career-wise with these people again? I don’t know. But I sure hope I’m not naive enough to let these relationships die here. I learned something special about networking here, among a sector I might never have known — and I want to keep it alive.

As I mentioned before, from the passions of these persons involved in this field, I gained momentum! I felt like I was actually going somewhere! I felt like I was actually doing something! I learned! That crazy diagram, and the charts, and all the processes… I can explain that! I don’t know what it was, or even entirely why I felt completely the way I did… by all means, I should’ve known from the beginning that it was going to come to an end and that I wasn’t really gonna solve anything from the get-go… but I owned it. And so, it mattered to me. And in my mind, everything I was learning was TO make a difference. While doing this project, the thought never occurred to me that I wasn’t going to solve this problem. It is amazing when you own a cause, or bond to it, how every little thing you learn, you wish to learn more about, and every little thing you learn, you relate it back to solving your great question. I loved that feeling. What shall I do with this knowledge? (is the question that comes to mind now… for surely, I do not see myself going into the recycling industry) (and yet… I feel that if not the facts themselves, then surely the knowledge of the experience as a whole will benefit me in the future).


And in all honesty, I think I answered my 3rd point with my 2nd:
there is something so compelling, so absolutely driving, when you become a part of a cause: when you own it. There was no question about the grade, never crossed my mind. As far as I’m concerned, grades never even come to mind when taking this class. Its just the thrill of adventure that keeps me going! It’s amazing how great an influence our motivations have on us: how careful we ought then choose what motivates us!