why Why WHY?

I spent a long time trying to come up with a creative post this week; however I wasn’t quite feeling it. I think the essence of measurement is to attribute effort with result, input with output, and cause with effect.


Why is this important?

With a lot of money, time, and resources being poured into industries, products, and movements all over the world, you want to be efficient. You want to be the best. You want to maximize profit, minimize cost. You want to increase happiness and reduce un-happiness. Whatever your motive is, measurement helps you to attribute your efforts with the results at hand.

Measurements are a quantifiable way to reason and to consider the efficacy of our efforts. I think measurements are important, but they don’t paint the whole picture.

I think measurements become a hindrance when they are allowed to paint the whole picture. There are important things in life that cannot be quantified and they shouldn’t be overlooked. A good example is standardized testing:

We want to ensure that our children are learning important skills and subjects, and that they are able to perform at certain levels at certain ages to make sure they are not falling behind. I think this is an admirable goal, but when the focus for schools becomes more about achieving a certain standard than helping students learn, grow, and flourish as human beings; I think the point is lost.

But maybe I think that because I value health and happiness more than I value a certain grade or achieved standard. Actually, I know that’s why.

So maybe we just have to make sure we value measure the things that matter most.