The World’s Best Bike

Imagine that I fitted you with the best bicycle and gear in the world. Your endowment is not available to any other person on Earth; furthermore, I entered you into the Tour de France this coming year.  Rest assured, your technology is state of the art.  Better yet, you will only have one opponent, Bradley Wiggins, who won last year’s race.  It gets better: his sponsors pulled out, so he’ll be sporting a fixie. So, who do you honestly think will win?  Yeah, maybe if you were my semi-pro cousin you’d have a chance, but I’d put my money on the Brit.

When is comes to changing the world, are ideas driving the change?  Or is it the people behind ideas?  Let me suggest that a determined genius with a mediocre idea will drive more change in the world than a typical person can with a genius idea.  I believe the most important criteria in selecting who we support in anything is the ability of the people we are supporting.  What do you think?