Selection Criteria

If I had to select a social entrepreneur or organization, the organizations criteria I would most likely subscribe to is that of Ashoka. I really liked their organization of their criteria as well as the clarity. Ashoka clearly lists out the five different aspects of a social entrepreneur and their idea that they specifically look at. The following is my condensed summary of Ashoka’s criteria:

  1. Knock-out Test (New Idea):

Basically assessing a new idea and seeing if it will really hold up; is it really innovative? Is it new? Is it fresh? Has it been done before?

  1. Creativity: Is this social entrepreneur creative and does their past show a history of creativity?
  2. Entrepreneurial quality? I kind of perceived this as talent. Does this person naturally have an entrepreneurial mindset and talent?
  3. Social Impact: on a large scale is this idea or solution going to be scalable? Aka they want ideas that will be effective on a national scale or broader.
  4. Ethical fiber? Is this person a good person? Can we trust them? Are they reliable? What is my gut feeling about this person?

I think I like their criteria so much because it is specific and very clear. I looked at Skoll, the Peery Foundation, as well  and I appreciated their criteria, and I recognize that there is a lot of cross over, but I really like the way that Ashoka articulated their criteria.