Oh Those BYU Girls – All They Think About is Marriage

Putting a social innovation venture through a checklist to determine their worth kind of makes me sick to my stomach.  I immediately thought of “the list.”  You know, the one that every young girl makes of qualities they are looking for in their husband.  The thing about “the list” is that it can get a little crazy.  Some girls put all kinds of really weird specific demands on it, like “Italian, tennis champion, loves changing diapers,” etc.  My list doesn’t look like that.  It has a few simple things on it.  First, he’s got to have a crazy solid testimony and want to live the gospel with me.  Second, he’s got to love people and treat them accordingly.  Third, he’s got to make me laugh/happy all around.  From there, it’s really nothing I can put my finger on.  It’s like, either I’m really crazy about him or I’m not.  It’s hard to say what qualifies you for that status (because we all know what a high honor that is).

To answer the question in your mind, no – I was not just including this to let all the fellas in the class know how to win my heart.  I am telling you this because it applies.  When Kim was talking to us, she gave some really great ideas about what she is looking for.  Her top three list seemed to be scalability, capacity to grow, and effective impact.  And then she talked about gut.  She just really loved some of the groups, unexplainably so.

So what to do?  How can we win the gut of a Kim?  Or, how can we develop a gut like Kim’s?

Well, I will start with an explanation.  I am totally crazy about Captain Moroni (a really studly prophet and captain in an army who lived before Christ and lived in Central America, spoken of in the Book of Mormon).  I know all of you (guy crushes included) did too.  So I have always wanted a Moroni.  My freshman year of college, I realized that I would have to be a Moroni to recognize and get a Moroni.  So I figured out what made Moroni Moroni and I have been working on becoming one ever since.

We’ve got to find what makes the best people in social innovation the best.  Then we have to work our booties off to get to that point.

What do I think the most important criteria is?  Well, my top three includes the root motives of the group (do they truly want to help people because they love people), is the idea an effective/worthwhile one (all types of cost v. impact), and will individuals actually increase in happiness because of the model?  I won’t put any really crazy specific qualifications on it because those are the only really necessary ones to me.  From there, it really is a gut feeling.  Either I will be crazy about it, or I won’t want to go on another DATE with them.  And ultimately, I am looking for Moroni’s (the very best of the best).  But I have to be a Moroni in order to deserve to be a part of one of similar calibar, or in order to recognize one.  So I find out what will make m great in this field, and then I will work on becoming that.  Ultimately, everyone’s criteria will be won over if you are a Moroni.

The list is very helpful, but so is being the right person.  It is just as important to know what you’re looking for as it is to be what you’re looking for.