A Computer Nerd Doing Tons of Good

I looked up the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation because I have been impressed with some of the projects they have been involved with, and they have also given $26,196,000,000 in funding. Whoaaaa, holllyyyyy crapppp. That’s insane. God bless that decent computer operating system and Warren Buffet’s magic in investing.

Anyways, there are a couple things I really like that I took away from their description of how they fund organizations. Here’s a quote, “Long before we make a single grant for any given issue, we listen and learn about problems that cause great inequity”.  They like to really like to get all the data and info possible to find out which problems are causing the most harm and getting the least attention. So, I like the idea of trying to find who is suffering most, or who is being under-served who really needs it. I also think really trying to understand the problem to the greatest extent is really essential, which goes back to looking for root causes. It seems that some of these other funders kind of work backwards by finding those that have the greatest leadership, or those that have real opportunity for scaling, and then seeing if they are making a pretty good impact in an important area. I’m more interested in finding the greatest problems, or the areas of focus that will give you the greatest leverages in improving societies, then finding who is addressing them in a manner that is effective, scalable, and sustainable.