Selection Criteria I Subscribe To

If I worked for a foundation, which selection criteria would I recommend? I am sure this list will be a work in progress.  As I read through different websites and contemplated our discussion with here are three things I would definitely focus om:

1) Characteristics of the Leader

2) Impact Potential

3) Revenue Generating

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Characteristics of the Leader:

  • Led by a visionary.  An individual who can look ahead and perceive potential pitfalls.  If an unexpected pitfall occurs, the creativity to find new solutions.
  • Optimism and empathy.  This is not listed on any of the websites that I found; however, it is the master aptitude in Emotional Intelligence and I think these characteristics are crucial as a leader must face the difficult challenges that will inevitably occur.
  • Unwavering focus on mission.  An individual who will still be with the organization in 10-15 years.
  • Ethical Fiber.  I liked that Ashoka specifically looked at “Social entrepreneurs introducing major structural changes to society have to ask a lot of people to change how they do things. If the entrepreneur is not trusted, the likelihood of success is significantly reduced. Ashoka asks every participant in the selection process to evaluate candidates for these qualities rigorously. To do so often requires one to resort to instinct and gut feelings, not just rational analysis. The essential question is: ‘Do you trust this person absolutely?’ If there is any doubt, a candidate will not pass.”

Impact potential:

  • As we’ve discussed in class the organizations ability to scale and as a result reach more people.
  • The organization addresses a root cause issue and not a symptom.
  • A commitment to measuring impact.

Revenue Generating:

  • I am extremely interested in organizations that find ways to become revenue generating.  Although I am not fully bought into the impact that TOMS shoes provides, I love the concept.  When they sell more shoes they do more “good.”  The business has incentive to keep improving. The YMCA also has a revenue generating system.  Individuals that can afford a fitness memberships pay for them.  Those that cannot receive scholarships.   The revenue that we would receive from the memberships would allow us to pay for facilities that allowed us to host PE programs for homeless children, fitness classes for seniors and much more.
  • Diversified means for receiving income. I do think it is okay for an organization to still solicit donations, sponsorships, etc.  However, I think they will have more long term success if the funds come from different revenue sources.