World, we have a problem.

The most pressing issue facing the world today.

It’s hard to say, mostly because I feel like my knowledge is limited and I am super biased by my very few actual experiences in the developing world and few connections to real, fundamental social problems. Maybe that is the problem…. awareness.

Though it is very general, I think accessibility is one of the most widespread problems facing the developing world and the world at large. Accessibility is a problem when it comes to things as basic water and basic nutrition. Millions of women and children are forced to spend hours every day just getting to sources of potable water and basic food products. Lack of access to resources is a problem faced by billions of people at the bottom of the pyramid all over the world. This could mean access to water, food, education, capital, information, technology, healthcare, sanitation, housing and much, much more.

Many developing countries are rich in resources but for some reason they are still under used, or sometimes even overused and exploited causing severe poverty. Exploitation of resources (like overfishing) can lead to limited access to necessary resources that stimulate a country or community’s economy. Even the most underdeveloped countries often have a wide variety of valuable resources but due to lack of industry, education, information etc…  those resources are underused or even overlooked.

The lack of accessibility to basic resources and information creates poverty traps, health problems as well as just the lack of opportunity that entrenches people in poverty. Accessibility is a huge umbrella that covers a lot of needs faced by people in the world but I think it also can lead us to specific solutions. Innovative ideas that address accessibility problems will surely help to make progress in eradicating poverty.