Why I am I taking this Class?

I had another class that conflicted with this one but one day last week that class was canceled so I attended this class and quickly realized that I could not pass up the opportunity. So WHY?

  1. I am more passionate about Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation than almost anything else in the world. Learning about and exploring these subjects and truly coming to understand them at a deeper level is more important to me than almost any other subject I could be studying or any other class I could be taking.
  2. I love the people in this class. This class may be here next semester but the same people won’t. I know almost all of you somehow and so many of you have greatly influenced my life and really helped me to get involved in social entrepreneurship while at BYU. I love being in the same room as nearly 20 other super passionate young people that love this subject and are humble and wise enough to discuss it and share valuable insights. I don’t think there is a brighter, more driven group of students anywhere that are so focused on creating real change in the world around them. You are the people that I am committed to staying connected to for the rest of my life because you are the ones that are doers and not just thinkers that have the vision to make real change and tackle real problems.
  3. I want to take full advantage of every possible way I can get involved on campus in this budding area of study.  My deepest desire is to prepare myself to change lives and make real impact in the world. I know that this class among the many other experiences at BYU will help me to achieve that.