Society’s Most Pressing Issue

In my opinion, poverty is the most pressing issue the world faces today. Poverty seems to be the root cause behind a host of other social ills: poor healthcare, lack of education, sanitation issues, and more.

Without a livable income it is unlikely—if not impossible—for individuals to focus on other critical aspects of well being. For example, someone struggling to put food on the table every day is unlikely to have the energy or the capacity to worry about getting vaccines, caring for the environment, or voting in elections.

I also think low income levels contribute heavily to lower self-confidence and sometimes to emotional instability.  When individuals feel incapable of taking care of their basics needs or the needs of their family members, those feelings of incompetence seem to translate into every other aspect of life. Their children grow up with similar limitations and self-perceptions, and the cycle continues.

Although it’s true that money can’t buy happiness, it can buy opportunities.

As I have been thinking about this blog post, however, two questions keep resurfacing:

  • How exactly can poverty be defined?
  • And which aspects of it are most critical to solve?

Thoughts anyone?