Saving the Fathers

Perhaps it is the missionary in all of us that makes us say this, and it’s corny. Very corny. But as my dad says, “people eat corn.”(besides, if its plenty corny, we’ll eventually have enough kernels to solve world hunger =pp)

Anyway, to the point: “Regardless of needs or problems, all people are best helped as they accept and live the gospel.” (PMG)


It’s so true. The world will never be a perfect place, not so long as mankind ‘runs’ it. There are way too many social problems, and how daunting the task of picking the most pervasive. At the root of it all, understanding some portion of the gospel immediately betters the lives of all who live it. A person finally understanding the importance of family changes how they spend their time. A person knowing that there is a much greater life beyond death can bring strength to face the greatest of adversities, even the great oppressor of poverty. It shifts the focus from us to others. It changes attitudes. It is the greatest social movement of our time: Spreading the Gospel.


As I said, this may not be the answer any of us wanted to give, nor is it very measurable, nor perhaps is it what we are particularly desirous to focus on in the world of ‘social entrepreneurship.’ But I doubt any of us can deny that it is the feeling of the Gospel, in some form, that drives us to seek social change. However, taking a bit of a step back from the religious and a little more to a more ‘neutral’ statement, I really enjoyed something Elder Holland once addressed: “escap[ing] our culture’s obsession with comparing, competing.” Were it possible to accomplish a worldwide social change-in-attitude of this, I feel our world would be much more constructive.


However, this being the broad change which I seek, now let’s move a little closer to my particular interest, being in what way would I hope to impact the social sphere of our world. To me, the aspect I most desire to jump into is Under-employment. I feel strongly about this. As it is, there are so many people who live just to work, not unemployed, but living with just barely not enough (“enough” always being just beyond heir reach). If we can help the father, the head of the household, find some form of meaningful employment, he will have that much more opportunity to be a better patriarch. Jobs alone do not solve the problem. But they provide an opportunity. And an opportunity for the father is an opportunity for the family.