I think the obvious* answer and the most encompassing answer to what is the most pressing issue the world faces today, is not knowing God. This could be because of choice, or by accident, or not having the opportunity.  I say this because when we truly know God, when we know who we are to Him and what He wants for us and expects of us, when we truly know how much He loves us, we view ourselves and others differently, we treat ourselves and others differently, and inevitably the world is a better place.

Solving this problem doesn’t entail needing to be full-time LDS missionaries all the time; we can’t be, and I don’t even think it would be the most effective way to help people come to know God, anyway.  I think it means truly being a disciple of the Lord, and not checking your religion at the door. This also doesn’t mean that issues in health, the economy, or education aren’t important, because they definitely are; but, no one issue is going to affect anyone anywhere more than not knowing God affects the world.

So what do we do? What do I do? This is where I believe God gives us passions for a reason. I am passionate about family, motherhood, women, children, safety, education, and happiness. Naturally, those passions are going to affect what I’m going to involve myself in. So, when it comes to being a change-maker, I am first and foremost ever striving to be a disciple of Christ, trying to help His children come to know Him, and secondly trying to help His children overcome their obstacles in a specific area that I firmly believe in.

I think we can be more effective making this world a better place when we are trying to do good through things we are passionate about, whether it’s art therapy, for-profit business, rock-climbing, or something else. We can make a difference if we desire to do so.


*FYI, I am not someone who makes bold statements very readily; mostly because I rarely feel strongly enough about things to make such statements and care about defending them. So basically, stating that the issue is “obviously” the most pressing is kind of a bold move for me. Nevertheless, I hereby acknowledge that I could be wrong.