Are You Peacocking Me?

Definition.  Fit and athletic people seek it (I hear), dictionaries are dependent upon many, and we prefer it high for our television and entertainment systems.

The act of defining when explained in other terms is simply narrowing down possible options, eliminating the noise, and providing clear perspective and understanding to a single concept or idea.

In an athletic and physical fitness sense definition is clearly visible and toned muscles; you can build muscle mass, but it’s not always defined. It’s not the merely existence of muscles, but the absence of fatty tissue which increases the visibility of prominent muscle. In other words, fat is the distracting factor which needs to be eliminated in order to see the true muscle.

In a linguistic sense, words are triggers. We learn them, and when we hear them or see them, it triggers the definition we have learned to be associated with the word and it helps us understand what is being referred to. In other words a definition is used to funnel through a myriad of values, symbols, and meanings to a single concept.

An example: a peacock. It’s a noun. It’s a type of bird, the feathers on this bird are: purple, blue, teal, green etc. A peacock is characterized by the huge fan of tail feathers with “eyes” on the end.

If you learned that a peacock was compiled of all of the above characteristics and someone was to say to you, “Whoa, look at that peacock behind you!” you wouldn’t turn and look for a large pink bird with a long beak and long legs*.

This example explains how I feel about one or many different definitions of social entrepreneurship; I think you need one. However, that one definition doesn’t need to list out every single detail and facet of information that applies to the concept. I think this is especially important because this term and its associated field are new and ever changing. By having a number of definitions, it muddies up the meaning and only adds chaos and confusion.

As the young Provo All-star seeks to gain definition at the local Gold’s Gym, so does the social entrepreneur seek to find the solutions to the world’s problems… #what? #sorrynotsorry #socent #peacocks

*I understand that not all peacocks are created equal, and that not every peacock will look the same, especially the female ones, but I would appreciate your cooperation in this imaginative exercise.