Yup it Is

I think that it’s important to have some clear definitions of terms being used such as social entrepreneur. First off, we need to actually be able to communicate effectively with those within the field, and more importantly, educate and raise awareness amongst those who are unfamiliar with these developing fields.  If the definitions are not simple and clear, it will be more difficult to engage the interest of the wider public on such matters.

I also think it is really critical to generate a clear definition of social entrepreneurship in order to help us sort out which individuals and organizations really have the bottom line of trying to solve social problems, as opposed to those who are primarily seeking profits. It has become pretty sexy lately to help poor people, and I personally know of some people who are cashing in on this fad.

Although creating clear definitions won’t solve this problem entirely, I think it is at least a necessary step for paving the way for further frameworks to better define and measure social ventures. If we have a clear definition, it may be possible to develop further methods of evaluating the social impact of for profit social ventures. In this way, at least we will be able to better determine which ventures are not only profitable and sustainable, but which ones are really making a difference, and how much of the organization is really committed to social returns.