you know what, what IS SE anyway?

Defining Social Entrepreneurship: Do you believe it is important to have one definition of the term
SE? Why or why not?

My initial reaction — no. That’s the beauty of Social Entrepreneurship: it can be anything. Every person understands it differently, adding their own unique perspectives, creating a feeling of passionate interest. Should we know what the underlying principles are? Yes. Should we understand what the general concept is? Yes. But allow for that freedom; who’s to say even we have any idea what this is. We are on the verge of something much greater.

Anyone can be a social change-maker, anyone can be a social innovator, anyone can be a social entrepreneur. That’s what I love about this subject. We live at such a unique, opportune time in history. Despite how we’ve got here, and regardless of all the successes and side-effects along the way, we are here: at a time of infinite possibilities. I recently have been watching a variety of YouTube, MIT, TEDx videos, etc. and have fallen in love with concepts such as “what can be done, will be done” and that, with the technology and horizontal nature of the world as it stands, the limits of our progress really only lie with the limits of the human imagination. There is so much good awaiting to be done, such potential! And I feel like somewhere in all this, SE captures this meaning.

What is Social Entrepreneurship? Ideas, ideas, ideas.
A business whose sustenance is its social impact, first quality, followed vehemently by quantity.