Monthly Archive: September, 2012

A Computer Nerd Doing Tons of Good


I looked up the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation because I have been impressed with some of the projects they have been involved with, and they have also given $26,196,000,000 in funding. Whoaaaa,… Continue reading

Oh Those BYU Girls – All They Think About is Marriage


Putting a social innovation venture through a checklist to determine their worth kind of makes me sick to my stomach.  I immediately thought of “the list.”  You know, the one that every young… Continue reading

The World’s Best Bike


Imagine that I fitted you with the best bicycle and gear in the world. Your endowment is not available to any other person on Earth; furthermore, I entered you into the Tour de… Continue reading

Selection Criteria


If I had to select a social entrepreneur or organization, the organizations criteria I would most likely subscribe to is that of Ashoka. I really liked their organization of their criteria as well… Continue reading

What is Right


When I first considered these questions, I felt that choosing to defend one organization’s criteria over another was meaningless. As I’ve read further into these questions, I’ve found this analysis to be less… Continue reading

It’s all about the Money***


The greatest, most realistic selection criteria that will determine the sustainability and eventual scope of impact is…(drum roll please)…the money**, specifically the ability to generate revenue and/or cash flow from operations. I’m sure… Continue reading

Selection; Survival of the Fittest


Darwin had it right. Let the weak and old get picked out of the pack. It’s a way to keep the herd free from diseases and to ensure that future progeny maintain the… Continue reading

Finding the Best of the Best


My summer experience may make me a little biased when it comes to selection criteria for investing in social innovation, but I think Ashoka has the most robust and holistic criteria for this… Continue reading

Who I’m Looking For…


While I find the wording to be rather interchangeable among the selection criteria similar of several organizations seeking to fund social entrepreneurs, I found a few principles that I highly agree with in… Continue reading

Investing in People


Different funders have different approaches to providing capital, for good reasons. But I think that one of the most important stages of a building an organization and a new solution is the early… Continue reading

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