Talk Nerdy to Me

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After five years of not being involved in an academic setting, I needed a place to nerd-out.  I needed one night a month to forget about one-upping each other in witty banter, dating mayhem, and the latest facial creams.


My friends being well rounded agreed to read and discuss “The 4-Work Week” by Tim Ferris.  The book idealized the concept that an individual could make a comfortable living while working minimally. Working 4-20 hours a week would allow the individual time to pursue personal “meaningful endeavors.” The group became known as Escape Your Cubicle. The first meeting was a blend of sharing business ideas and book club; however, it turned into a monthly event where one individual would share his or her industry knowledge (SEO, project management, branding, etc.) to the rest of the group.


I love talking business ideas.  Semi-jokingly I wanted to create a room sized cotton-candy machine (yes where humans would become the cone) and adhesive edible mustache’s.  More seriously I wanted to partner with friends as they pursued their niche 4-Hour Work Week dreams. Although they were pursuing ideals that were not my dreams, I figured I would learn a lot in the process.  The question was finally asked to me “Alicia, why don’t you start something on your own.”


My Answer:


I have to do something that I am passionate about, something that would make a difference in our community, something that matters.  All of my education, career choices and most of my hobbies have been built around the idea of living a service-based life.  If I was selling light bulbs or colored-skinny jeans for a living, I would not be fulfilled.  I haven’t discovered yet how I want to change the world because it is an extremely complex process.


Why am I here?


I’m so excited to be in setting where I can “nerd-out” and be inspired by other people with the same goals.