Inspirations –> Questions –> Thoughts –> Epiphanies –> Actions

The story of how I became interested in this class is a history of cyclical happenings. In every situation where I am involved in changing something for the better, I was first inspired by someone or something. This inspiration leads me to ask specific questions that further lead me to specific thoughts. As I massage the truth out of these thoughts, I am lead to epiphanies which finally lead me to action. When I take action, I find myself being led to new inspirations. The inspiration for taking this specific class has roots in the shadowed suburbia of Los Angeles.

As a child, I was raised in a culture of cultures. Like any average child, I went to school and gave my best attempt in building friendships along the way. I learned life’s lessons alongside family and friends who, in retrospect, lived vastly different lifestyles than my own. As a child, their perspectives and unique circumstances, which interest me now, were never a concern of mine. It didn’t matter (nor do I think it even registered) that the people who surrounded me had completely different circumstances than my own. We were learning together and, to be honest, that was all that mattered. Alongside the ventures of math and language, we learned what it meant to be good and bad, happy and sad. By living life, we discovered life.

And so the pursuit began. We learned life together. It was not a vocal agreement nor a contracted decision, but it was clear to me that we were pursuing this together. Playground victories and histories of infant awkwardness were to be digested by our consciousness. We learned from our triumphs and our mistakes. Certainly, we each discovered how we best learned these lessons. For myself, I learned best by associating with people. I invested in best friends and crushes to help me learn love and loyalty. Here, I first experienced synergy; for in these pursuits we stood united, to the end that we would figure this out.

While my playground has changed from a small slide and sandbox to a large campus and the world, I find I still learn best from people. I confess, I am still perplexed by playground complexities. I want to figure out how I can establish myself as an irreplaceable piece to the puzzle of social solutions. Specifically, I want to change how we approach measuring and providing an education. In my youth, I learned that I can be guilty of success, so long as I am guilty by association.

And thus it is. I am here to associate myself with those who are eagerly pursuing solutions to these social problems to the end that we might figure this out. It is my hope that the associations made in this class are held responsible for the successful solutions of the foreseeable future.