Too much to tell

Why am I taking this class? Too much to tell.

One long interconnected chain of events. Fate, no doubt. Perhaps not too much to tell late at night to a friend. But definitely too much to tell right now, in so few words.

It started in high school: Doctor. Health clinics in Africa. That was the idea

SID booth in the WILK – that is where the journey took off

Documentaries, meetings, hunger banquet – that is where it started to grow

International development minor, IAS 220 with Ralph Brown – that is where the horizons opened, thought deepened

2 years in Cambodia, deep thought, powerful experiences, surprising observations,  important conversations – that is where everything was put into question

Intro to SSE with Warner Woodworth, How to Change the World by David Bornstein – that is when plans changed and the path became more clear

4 months in Guadalajara, important friendships, a powerful idea while pondering on a bench looking at the Provo Mountains – that is when commitment deepened and dreams were turned into plans

Joining Social Innovation Leadership Council, Internship with the Academy for Creating Enterprise, friends, mentors – that is when I met many students with similar plans, saw the impact of wonderful work, and challenged assumptions

Do Good Better – this story is yet to be told. Yet another link in the continuous chain that has led me to this point, and will lead me to my final destination. No doubt a very, very important one.